Kandies Kids

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Each child will receive a hot cooked breakfast at 8:30am, a snack at 10:00am, a hot cooked

lunch and pudding/fruit at 11:30am and another snack at 3:00pm in the afternoon.

Please ensure that you notify the school if your child has any allergies relating to foods, such as lactose intolerant, nuts or wheat allergies. We do not use pork or beef in our meals.

Children are not allowed to eat their own cereal at school – and it is suggested to eat it at home before coming to school, as the other children in the class do not want to eat the Healthier breakfasts that we offer, if children bring their own meals to school.

Snacks - No junk food is to be sent to school from Mondays to Thursdays. Only fruit, yoghurt or sandwiches may be sent to school, as Friday is reserved for treats and baker baker.

Please also note that no sugary drinks are to be sent to school. There is school juice provided,

however parents may send extra water bottles!