Kandies Kids

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Kandies Kids host an array of extra mural activities which is held at school during school hours. All extra murals activities are done in the mornings before the half day children go home. All extra murals are done on different days at different times so there is no time clashes. These include…

  • Ballet (age 3+)
  • Computers (age 4+)
  • Drumtime – fun with Drums (age 2+)
  • Dance Mouse – all forms of dance including modern, hip hop and freestyle (age 3+)
  • Garvz – Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Soccer (age 3+)
  • Karate (age 3+)
  • Monkeynastix – fun exercise and movement program – includes balance and co-ordination skills (all ages)
  • Music (3+)
  • Manners 4 Minors- a fun way of introducing young children to the benefits of behaving and using manners through story telling as well as puppets (age 3+)
  • Speech & Drama (age 3+)
  • Swimming – 1st and 4th term only (first come first serve basis only) (all ages)

Please note that none of our extra mural classes affect learning time at school. If you would like your child to participate in any of the above extra murals, please ask your child’s teacher or see the office for the forms and more info/ brochure.